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Mechanical principle of electric iron

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The virtual soldering is that only a small amount of solder is soldered at the solder joint, resulting in poor contact, and the time is broken. False welding means that the surface seems to be welded, but it is not actually welded, and sometimes it is pulled by hand.


The leads can be pulled out of the solder joints. These two situations will bring great difficulties to the debugging and overhaul of electronic production. Only after a lot of serious welding practice can we avoid


Free of these two situations. When soldering a circuit board, be sure to control the time. Too long, the board will be burnt or cause the copper foil to fall off. Power can be removed when removing components from the board


The soldering iron tip is attached to the solder joint, and after the tin on the solder joint is melted, the component is pulled out. The temperature of the soldering iron has a certain relationship with the size, shape and length of the soldering iron. When the tip


When the volume is large, the hold time is longer. In addition, in order to meet the requirements of different soldering materials, the shape of the soldering iron head is different, and the taper, chisel, and round bevel are common.


and many more. Use the multimeter ohmmeter to measure whether there is an open circuit short circuit at both ends of the plug, and then measure the resistance between the plug and the outer casing with Rx1000 or Rx10000 gear, such as the pointer does not move or electricity.


The resistance is greater than 2-3MΩ and can be safely used without leakage. The iron core of the internal heating type soldering iron is made of a relatively thin nickel-chromium electric resistance wire wound on a porcelain tube, and its electric resistance is about 2.5k Ω.


(20W), the temperature of the soldering iron is generally about 3500 °C. Since the internal heating type soldering iron has the characteristics of quick heating, light weight, low power consumption, small volume, and high thermal efficiency,


A common application. After the soldering iron is turned on, it is not hot or too hot. Check if the power supply voltage is lower than AC210V (normal voltage should be AC220V). If the voltage is too low, it may cause heat.


Not enough and difficult to solder. The soldering iron tip is oxidized or the root end of the soldering iron tip and the inner wall of the outer tube are oxidized. For the reason of zero line charging, in the three-phase four-wire power supply system, the neutral line is grounded.


Equipotential with the earth. If the bubble is illuminated when tested with a test pencil, it indicates that the neutral line is charged (the potential difference between the neutral line and the ground). Zero line open circuit, zero line grounding resistance increase or ground lead


The open line and the phase line ground will cause the neutral line to be charged. The use of soldering iron should pay attention to the soldering iron should be grounded, it is best to use a pointed soldering iron, temperature (260 ° C -300 ° C), can be appropriate


Add some fluxing materials (rosin, flux), the surface of the chip should choose the appropriate solder wire (0.6-0.8), if possible, you can use a constant temperature soldering iron, wear during the welding process


Anti-static bracelet, pay attention to the direction of the core, should be consistent with the silk screen. The power quality of the soldering iron core is different, and the internal resistance is also different. The resistance of 25W soldering iron is about 2k Ω, the resistance of 45W soldering iron


The value is approximately 1 k Ω, the resistance of the 75W soldering iron is approximately 0.6 k Ω, and the resistance of the 100W soldering iron is approximately 0.5 k Ω. The tip is made of copper and its function is to store heat and conduct


Heat, its temperature must be much higher than the temperature being welded.




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