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Electric iron use precautions and temperature setting method

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Soldering irons are the primary tool used to solder components and wires. Then, in the use of which is what we need to pay attention to, how to set the temperature. These are things to consider before using them. Next, follow the small series to understand the precautions and temperature setting methods of the soldering iron.


Precautions for use:

1. The soldering iron should have a grounding wire;


2. Before using the soldering iron, check whether the voltage used is consistent with the nominal voltage of the soldering iron;


3. The soldering iron should be kept dry and should not be used in excessively humid or rainy environments;


4. After the electric iron is energized, it cannot be arbitrarily tapped, disassembled and installed with its electric heating parts;


5. When removing the iron tip, cut off the power supply;


6. After cutting off the power supply, it is best to use a layer of tin on the soldering iron head to protect the soldering iron tip;


7. When there is a black oxide layer on the soldering iron tip, it can be wiped off with an abrasive cloth, then energized, and immediately applied to the tin;


8. Sponge is used to collect tin slag and tin beads, and it is suitable to squeeze the water just by hand;


9. “5S” should be done before welding, and “5S” should be done after welding.




  temperature setting:


1. Generally insert the electronic material, set the actual temperature of the soldering iron head to (330~370 degrees); the surface mount material (SMC) material, set the actual temperature of the soldering iron head to (300~320 degrees).


2, the temperature is determined by the actual use, to solder a tin point for 4 seconds is most suitable. Usually observe the tip of the iron, when it is purple, the temperature is set too high.


3, microphone, buzzer, etc. should use silver tin wire, the temperature is generally between 270 degrees and 290 degrees.


4, welding large component feet, the temperature should not exceed 380 degrees, can only increase the power of the soldering iron.


5, special materials, you need to set the temperature of the soldering iron.


The use of soldering irons requires great care. If not done properly, it will not only affect the soldering effect, but also damage yourself. Therefore, mastering basic operational requirements is a prerequisite for ensuring safe work.




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