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How to make the hot melt glue gun in use without glue

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First, the drawing phenomenon in the use of hot melt adhesive is related to the glue and the glue gun. From the point of view of the glue, the thinness of the hot melt adhesive should be relatively low; from the perspective of the gun, the glue gun nozzle needs to be designed to have the ability to pump back. From the user's point of view, the temperature of the glue gun nozzle can be appropriately increased, and the wire drawing phenomenon can be improved.


Second, the hot melt glue gun is a tool that is often used in construction, especially when it is inside a renovated house. It is generally used for materials such as rubber coating. The hot melt glue gun has precise breaking effect and a variety of nozzles, which can meet the requirements of different production lines, unique filter design, and is conducive to cleaning. The general hot melt glue gun will not be deformed when used for a long time under high temperature, and the joints and the like are durable, so it is widely used in food factories, electronics factories, packaging factories and the like.


Third, the hot melt glue gun also needs a certain use of skills, casual use not only can not be perfect glue, but also because of its high temperature principle to hurt yourself. If you look at the following small flaws, you will no longer have any questions about the use of hot melt glue guns.


Tip 1: How to glue

After getting the glue gun, first open the package. There is usually a small bracket in the package of the hot melt glue gun. The small bracket is placed in the two small holes in front of the gun body. Then use the bracket to hold the hot melt glue gun so that it won't burn the table when using the hot melt glue gun.


Next, insert the glue stick into the glue gun and connect it to the power supply to open the switch on the glue gun. At this time, the indicator light on the glue gun will be on, which indicates that the glue gun is in the heating state. Usually only after a few minutes, the glue gun can get the glue out.


Tip 2: Learn to extend the life of the glue gun

Generally speaking, the glue gun used for DIY design is very different from the decoration. DIY designers generally do not use the glue gun for a long time. Therefore, it is recommended that the glue gun be used for DIY design. Design the work and then glue it together with a glue gun.


The reason for this is actually very simple. If a glue gun is used for DIY creation, the glue gun is heated for a long time, and if it is not used, the glue that has been heated in the wall will slowly flow out. If there is too little glue in the gun body and the inside of the gun body is empty, the glue gun will be easily burned out. Under normal circumstances, it is better to turn off the power of the glue gun after not using for more than ten minutes to avoid burning the glue gun.


Tip 3: Pay attention to safety when using

The glue gun is melted by the principle of heating and then glued out. This feature makes the glue gun itself very hot in the heating part. The partners must take precautions when using it, otherwise Parts that come into contact with the high temperature of the glue gun are easily burnt. Even if protection measures are in place, care must be taken during use to avoid accidents that are burned.




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